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Take the pain out of installing traffic lights with TFL300.

With just two wires and two screws you can add an inexpensive electronic load indicator that’s quick, easy, safe to set up, and requires no calibration.

  • 32-240 VAC Operating voltage range.
  • Wireless configuration via Bluetooth.
  • HoistNet compatible.
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Australian manufacturer extended hours support available
TFL300 HoistNet connection


TFL300 is designed to be installed on any flat metal surface. Dimensions of the case are provided in the following diagram.

Length (mm) 146
Width (mm) 66.5
Height (mm) 34
Weight (kg) 0.35
Mounting panel mount


Parameter Description Min Typ Max Units
Vin Supply Voltage 32 250 VAC
Iin Supply Current 25 200 mA
Operating Temperature -20 85# °C

# Extended operation at maximum temperature will reduce device life.

Upgrading Firmware

Installing USB drivers for the Link-2 modem
How do I configure a TFL300?

TFL300 can be configured wirelessly using a laptop fitted with a Link-2 long range Bluetooth modem and running our FSU application. For more details on configuration, refer to the User Manual.

Where do I set the thresholds for the colours?

You set them by connecting to the TFL300 with the Field service utility.

How are the settings of the TFL300 different from the Trafficlite settings in a MaxOutDX or LiftlogDX?

Yeah, it's abit confusing. The Traffic Light settings on the MaxOutDX/LiftlogDX configuration screen only affect the Trafficlite IO expaner module (if fitted)